Ever since I was young, I’ve had an interest in learning foreign languages. Now language learning is my hobby, and I love to share information about language learning and the languages themselves online. My channel is mostly centered around Korean grammar and things related to Korean grammar and Korea, but this time I wanted to share some of my favorite books that I use when studying Mandarin! I was fighting a cold when I shot the video, so please excuse my raspy voice~

Especially when studying a language on one’s own, it can be hard to find good books and resources, and to even be aware of the wide variety of material that is out there. In this video I introduce a variety of different types of books that can be used when studying Mandarin:

The first is a pretty typical textbook series of the sort that uses thematic lessons, dialogues, and vocabulary lists alongside grammar explanations to teach the language in an order that feels natural.

The second type of book I present is one that many might not think to use—cardboard books meant for children age 4 and under! While meant for children who will become native speakers of Mandarin, the clear pictures and text with pronunciation guides are perfect to help beginning learners pick up useful daily life vocabulary.

Next, we take a look at a sort of grammar dictionary. If you ever find yourself stumped by a grammar point, all you need to do is flip through and find the right page! This kind of book is great for learners who already have a bit of a foundation in the language to work with.

Finally, there are graded readers. Books written with the limited grammar and vocabulary of language learners in mind, these are great resources for building reading skills and learning new vocabulary.

If you’re learning Mandarin (or even just want to see what kinds of language learning books are out there), I hope you find something useful in this video. Happy studying~