Hello again!

Have you ever tried combining work and dating together? Some people are good at time management, so they can do both separately, others need to sacrifice one for another, and Gyu, on the other hand, decided to merge both together. Even though Agata is a complete rookie in video making, she is doing her best if she can help Gyu with any of his works. People say, practice makes it perfect, and who knows, maybe in the near future, she can learn more and more, so even our videos would increase in quality? 🙂 Since we both like, what we are doing, it is not only work but also having fun together 🙂

Even though he has been quite busy with work recently, we decided that going together would not only be quite a help, but also a great opportunity for team building in our relationship, which would bring us closer together.

In the first half of the day, we have decided to visit a lovely Japanese style cafe in between Hongdae and Hapjeong, where we tried Japanese sweet rice cakes and…Sakura Bingsu! Even though the rice cakes were quite ordinary, Bingsu was something we both have tried for the first time. So…how do sakura flowers taste?

After we moved out, it was already time to start working on Gyu’s new project. Some snippets made it to our Vlog! Could you guess what is he working on? Taking videos at nighttime was a really great experience!

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