Kimchi is one of the main representative symbols when it comes to Korean food. Because of the generalized daily consumption of this food, kimchi is widely valued as the national symbol, which is eaten every day, at every meal in the Korean families. Kimchi presents several intrinsic characteristics which might explain the degree to which Koreans are so attached to its’ consumption and the pride.

There is even a Korean song, which goes by the lyrics “If we didn’t have kimchi, how could have we have our meals?” – Listening to its’ lyrics you can understand how much, Koreans must love it.

There are many various events related to this fermented side-dish and more and every year more and more people decide to join them, either it would be an ethnic Korean or a foreigner.

One of those events is the annual Kimchi festival, held at the main square of Seoul city hall. It was first held in 2014 and continues the tradition at the same place every year. Seoul Kimchi Festival connects traditions and modern living through the Kimjang (making kimchi) culture, music performances, food trucks and many more various activities.

I have visited the festival with a friend and this time Gyu did not join us because of work. The main thing I liked about it, is that we can not only learn more about kimchi making and enjoy the atmosphere but that all the Kimchi made at the festival is going to be donated to the people in need, families, which cannot afford to buy or make their own Kimchi.

By participating in this festival, you can not only have food but do something good for the people, who are not being cared about at most times. Do something good, and life will bring even more good for you in the future! ^^

Thank you for watching!