Imagine building anything from your imagination and that’s a fairly strong summary of 3D printing and laser cutting. You are limited to your imagine (besides staying within the confides of physics and adhering to laws of South Korea). The world turns itself into a real life minecraft (with higher resolution). Fab Lab in Seoul, South Korea, is a community maker space where people with ideas come together and build their imagination. Fab Lab started in Boston and, has since, branched out across the world. With the help of my friend, I decided to start learning how to code Arduino circuit boards and begin basic modeling with Fusion 360. While I cannot make complicated functional designs, I wanted to make a fun project where I can begin learning the process of 3D printing and laser cutting. My idea was to try to make chicken nuggets using the machinery at the Fab Lab. This project began by researching how to model a meat grinder, which I ended up watching a lady’s product review on how she used her meat grinder to make pork sausages. After the idea and scaling was completed, it was off to test the model at the Fab Lab. Like any poorly made science project, there were a number of problems. After several failed printing attempts, the project was finally printed but then needed to be polished. Once this bad science project was functional, the fun can start to begin. I wanted to make a chicken nugget as close to restaurant quality as possible. Spoiler alert, the restaurant quality was like a 3-year-old baby running a restaurant but was later shut down due to failing the safely and health inspection and serving alcohol without a license. With some shenanigans happening, the project was cooked, (or burnt, depending on your definition) and was finally finished. Second spoiler alert, there is no market for laser cut food. I question anyone’s morals and integrity if they say they enjoy laser cut food. After finishing this 12+ hour project, I feel more confidence with my 3d printing skills, laser cuttings skills and furthering my ability to make myself look like a moron over the internet. With several more projects lined up, I excited to see where these projects can go as I aim to start making functional robotic parts.