Annyeonghaseyo yorobun and welcome to the 48th episode of Mika and Korea and this time my French friend Sebastien from the K-Pop Youtube channel Seboom joins me to eat some delicious Korean Fried Food with some Makgeolli.

We went to a Suljib (a Korean drinking place) in Sindorim and ordered some assorted jeon / modeumjeon made dish (모듬전) which fits perfectly for Makgeolli, a very popular Korean Rice Wine! Usually Modeum-Jeon and Makgeolli are the perfect food for rainy days in South Korea, but neither Mika nor Sebastien wanted to wait more during these hot days in Seoul and decided to fight the heat in this way. Of course there are better ways to fight the heat (for example with Samgyetang, a Korean Traditional Ginseng Chicken Soup) but yeah, we couldn’t wait anymore and it was really delicious!

The Modeum-Jeon (모듬전) contained a hugh variations of different jeons. fish jeon (생선전), meat jeon (고기전), zucchini jeon (애호박전), tofu jeon (두부전), mushroom jeon (버섯전), perilla leaf jeon (깻잎전) and autumn squash jeon (단호박전). And they all were extremely delicious!

While enjoying the Anju / Jeon Food and drinking Makgeolli we also talked about foreigners being lonely in South Korea. For many foreigners life isn’t easy in Korea and it is hard to make new friendships. Of course we are also curious about other opinions of foreigners / expats in Korea and if you want to share your opinion about your life in Korea, please leave me a comment here on this blog post or comment directly on the Youtube video.

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