I finally go to discussing this topic on my page. As I said in my new years video, I really want to go back to the core of why I started this channel and that was to help you guys coming or living in Korea. I want you all to be able to come here and have a comfortable and fun time.

That being said, today I talked about a big question that I always get which is: How do you make koruna friends. A lot of people who know me really well will know that I have mostly Korean friends. I felt like it was very easy to make Korean friends until a lot of foreigner friends started coming up to me and asking how I made them. So! Here are some of the ways that I was able to make Korean friends. I know that you can make Korean friends in other ways, but these are my personal ways of making friends.

The best way for me was through clubs. Schools have many clubs that foreigners can enter. I know that sometimes they don’t allow language students or exchange students to enter but with some searching you can. Another way is through buddy program. This is mostly aimed towards the students in Korea and depending on your school, you may or may not get a buddy. Language exchange is also another way that works for a lot of people too. All of these things are very easy to find. You can find them either on facebook, youtube, or simply googling them.

The best advice I can give is just to get out there and find them because they aren’t going to find you. Get out of your comfort zone and be awesome! Korea has a lot of people. It’s hard to not have any friends Korean or foreign.
Thanks for watching~