It’s been a while since I uploaded my last video but here I am, with this first video of the year. As promised to my community for months, I speak in this one about my pregnancy in South Korea. It is pretty different from a pregnancy monitored in France and I wanted to explain what these differences are. It is a pretty long video, I am not the kind to upload 30 minutes videos but I have so much to say that I couldn’t help but upload a long one…

From the hospital checkups to the advantages allowed by the South Korean Government, I introduce the Korean way to carry a pregnancy.
First, you will learn that we have way more checkups and ultrasounds (around a dozen) than in my home country (three), you won’t be tested for the toxoplasmosis if you don’t request the test, you won’t have a lot of urine tests neither. Other than that, you will have some free advantages like the pregnancy pink badge to carry on with you everywhere you go to have a seat more easily (but I didn’t use it… I felt to ashamed to claim my seat…) in public transportations, you will also receive free vitamin B9 (folic acid), and free tests from the public health center of your district.

There is also financial aid from the government and to get this money, you have to apply for a credit card in one of the affiliate banks. This card will be credited with 500,000 won (about 340 euros) that you can spend ONLY in hospital or for other things related to your pregnancy. I used this money throughout my pregnancy, it was a tremendous help. And last but not least, pregnancy allows you to be covered over 65% by the National Health Insurance and this point too is very appreciated since the checkups didn’t cost us a lot in the end.

If you want to learn how I personally felt during this pregnancy, just watch the video and you will see that I had some struggles, mentally and physically.