Today’s video is focusing on luxury travel in Seoul. If you want to live life like the rich and famous, you definitely need to stop by the Alice speakeasy, Tubester, Once in a Blue Moon, and Hotel Cappuccino.

Alice makes a name for itself by being tucked away in a basement close to Apugujong Rodeo station. Many of you may know this area as the Beverly Hills of Seoul. Alice makes a name for itself by going off the speakeasy theme. In 1920s America, speakeasies were on the rise in many cities as secret establishments to drink. You often had to know the secret password to get in or realize that it was disguised as something else and go to the backroom. Alice does this as the front is a flower shop and in the back is an Alice and Wonderland themed bar. The drinks are exquisite and the roaring 20s music helps put you in the mood.

Also by Apgujong Rodeo station in front of exit 4 on the main street is Once in a Blue Moon. This fancy jazz bar has been used in many Kdramas and has a reputation for being the best jazz bar in Seoul. None compare to it and every night they have different live music.
If you want that luxury feel you need to check out the Tubester which is a motorized boat. It’s basically a giant floating tube. It costs about 30,000 won for 30 minutes and 45,000 for an hour. You can bring your own food and drinks so you can enjoy the sunset in style.
Lastly, going on rooftops is the in thing to do in Seoul this summer so make sure you drink one of their delicious gintonerias or cocktails!