Chen spent her first night in Tokyo in a CAPSULE HOTEL! A capsule hotel is basically a pod type style of hotel that originated from Japan to maximize small real estate with travelers. The experience is made to provide shelter and basic amenities to travelers at a fraction of the cost of a basic hotel room but also a slightly upgraded version of your average hostel. Some capsule hotels though have now taken things to a whole new level featuring different levels of luxury, theme rooms, social spaces, etc. They really are the epitome of what I think best depicts the innovation of modern day Japan. The capsule hotel I stayed in was recommended to me by my Japanese cousin for it’s safe neighborhood and clean atmosphere. It was about a 10 minute walk from Shibuya station so not super close to the center but also not so close that you will have to deal with drunk screaming outside your room. This was a females only establishment so sorry fellas, you will have to find another capsule to stay in. For the ladies though, I will say that I had a really wonderful stay here. The staff were super nice and accommodating, the area was close to again the main hub, super markets, & convenience stores, but most importantly, the hotel itself was really nice. It contained not just crazy comfortable pods that had all the gizmos and gadgets but also featured a beautiful traditional Japanese bathing room. The whole time my experience at the capsule felt strangely luxurious, check out the whole video to see why!