Everyone wants to lose weight, like, let’s be real. Be it five pounds or fifty. I’ve been trying for years and haven’t had much luck… so I thought I’d give oriental medicine a try because… well, why not?! Traditional medicine is one of those things that you either swear by or swear off. I had read a few accounts of expats here in Korea that had successfully lost weight using hanyak and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try. I’m all about trying everything once, anyway!

So what is hanyak? Hanyak is Korean traditional medicine using herbs and probably some kind of magic. In actuality, Korean medicine traditions originated ages ago, it can actually be traced back all the way to 3000 B.C. Hanyak is influenced by traditional Chinese medicine, but there is more of a focus on domestic herbs. It can use flowers, moss, fungus (oh god), and any number of things. The point it, it’s all natural. Some may roll their eyes at that, but hey, if this kind of medicine has stuck around for THIS long, there has to be a reason, yeah?

So I’ve partnered up with Kyunghee Do Dream Oriental Medicine Clinic here in Seoul to see if I can finally shed the pounds. So far so good! But let’s see what happens!

The Hanyak Trials will upload every week charting my experience with hanyak and the team at Kyungee Do Dream!

You can find Dr. Kim and the amazing crew at:


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