Hi, this week’s video is a vlog. I had a chill weekend as always and hung around locally. I’m such a home bird. If I venture too far out of Incheon I get antsy lol.

Anyways, I spent my first day around Wolgot and shot part of my lookbook which will be released this weekend and I’m super inspired for this one. So make sure you SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss it *shameless plug lol. But yeah I shot the lookbook and my friend and I went back to my area and grabbed a coffee and then I did some vegetable/fruit shopping (exciting life). Honestly, I literally try to avoid buying groceries from the likes of Homeplus, Emart etc. It’s soo expensive and there are much cheaper ways to buy food such as street sellers, markets or independent fruit/veg shops. After that I just cooked some food and floated around youtube.

The next day was the total highlight of the vlog. I spent the entire day cleaning my apartment. It’s super interesting lol. But yeah I wanted to stay at home and laze around for the day. They are the best days ever. After watching hours of TV I then shot a video for my channel as I felt I didn’t do anything productive. Then at like 12am I went skateboarding. I bought a nickleboard a week ago and have been practicing here and there. I usually go late at night cause I like to do it without people seeing me especially cos I suck at it right now. But hopefully I’ll get better.

Anyways, that’s it. If you liked the video make sure to like, subscribe, comment and give me your money lol jk. I make lookbooks, diy, hair and lifestyle related content based in south korea. So yeah, if you like that kind of thing, you should subscribe. bye