Did you fall in love with somebody from a different country? Where you need to separate over and over again? Having a long distance relationship is super tough, me and my wife Sujin had to survive 8 years (!!!) of long distance relationship and in this video here, Sujin speaks about her advice and tips how to make a long distance relationship work!

In Korean long distance relationship relationship is called “장거리연애” or shorter “롱디“, which means LDR. Since the world become a more open in general and people travel more, more international couples start to date and fall in love. Of course it is difficult to manage and keep a long distance relatioship woriking, there are many obstacles and problems to overcome. Distance, loneliness, doubts and cultural differences. How to be happy in a long distance relationship and handle the situation is really crucial!

So in Sujin’s LDR video she shares her experiences, advices and tips, how to manage a LDR and to be happy in the end. First it is important to communicate a lot, depends on the international couple but the more often you do, the better! You give each other little gifts. Doesn’t need to be expensive as long as you put some hearth and effort into it. Just be a little more cheesy than you normally would be, this will help you big times!

Sujins video is in Korea BUT there are English subtitles, so please turn them on if you are can’t speak Korean so well or at all. Also feel free to ask Sujin about dating advice or questions, you want to know about long distance relationships and LDR. Sujin will happily reply to all comments 🙂

Again, thank you sooooo much for watching the video, we hope you could learn something new and draw some confidence for your relationship as well! Everything is possible, if you both love each other! If you liked the youtube clip, please give her a thumbs up and also subscribe to her channel, if you didn’t do so fare. Also follow her on Instagram, she is always posting some funny insta pics about our international marriage 😀 Have a great day, cheers!