Hello, everyone! It’s a new week and time for the new video!
Gyu and Agata are back on track uploading more videos!
This time we wanted to share some moment from our trip to Andong.

We have visited Gyu’s parents’ house in the town near Andong and since it was one of the nearest destinations, we decided to go there and look around the famous Hahoe Folk Village. This folk Village in Andong is different from other similar ones because this is where the Hahoe mask and Korean mask dancing has originated from. Because of that, it is definitely worth visiting, especially if you are interested in Korean traditional culture and want to know more about the beautiful tradition of Hahoe.

I was always eager to go there someday, but Gyu kept delaying it for a long time. We will talk more about it in our video. We have visited there in summer, but o be honest, autumn is the best time to go – the beauty of falling leaves and ongoing festivals including the original mask dance performances would make your visit much better.

During this trip, we not only looked around the folk village, played on traditional Korean swings and enjoyed the hot weather of Korean summer, but also played with our baby drone. And it did not go without accidents. Gyu forgot to bring the memory card for the drone and it was already impossible to go back to Seoul to take it. But we used my idea of recording it to the iPhone memory and it turned out just fine. The drone footage video quality is not as good as it might have been if we had our memory card with us, but at least we did not lose that footage at all 🙂

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