Hey everyone!

Alex and Cameron hang out with the Arirang TV film crew as they explore Gwangjang Market, a traditional market right in the middle of Seoul in the Jongno area.
The food is super fresh…as in…it’s still alive, as the two experience holding a living octopus for the first time. I don’t think that octopus was having it, as he gave the camera on the phone a bit of a surprise! (Don’t worry, the camera is fine…)
Plus, if you’ve never tried the fresh…I mean REAL fresh raw beef, then your missing out.

The other food you’ll see in the video are Mayak Kimbap (“drug” kimbap, because it’s so addictive), bindaetteok (like a Korean-style hash brown), and Sundae (which is the blood sausage… I’m not entirely sure what’s all in there).

And of course they had makgeolli – that’s the white liquid AKA Korean rice wine – Alex’s favorite!

Alex Sigrist works in Korea as a YouTuber, radio host and producer, and occasionally in other areas of the broadcast field. You can follow him on his YouTube channel – Michin Alex – or his Instagram (also michinalex) to see more of what he does in his daily life here in Korea. Be careful…it might make you want to come to Korea 😉
Cameron Word is a graduate student at Korea University and met Alex because of their mutual addiction to social media. You can follow him on his Instragram at Cameron.word

PS – Stay tuned to the end of the video as Cameron and Alex re-enact their crazier nights in Korea. It’s worth watching to the very end!