I overcame one of my “youtube” fears and this week I did my first ever livestream! It was a lot harder then I thought it would be! Despite the hickups it was a lot of fun~

I decided to do a get ready with me & get to know me video for my first livestream to keep things as casual as possible and to be able to tell a little bit more about myself for those who don’t me personally.

I actually wanted to do a livestream on my phone but apparently you need a 1000 subscribers to do so, and I am not there yet! So laptop webcam it is, hence why quality is so low, and why I keep complaining about the blue hue.

In this livestream I answered a question from Devon about how I deal with homesickness / living abroad for a long period of time. (short answer is; create new traditions; go home from time to time and hanging out with friends really helped me)

I also talk about the reason why decided to a livestream. I am committed to doing 2 videos a week in April but due to my busy schedule and having to study for TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) I wasn’t able to make time to film and edit and export a video. So I thought a livestream would be THE solution. I definitely need more practice but I will also absolutely do it more often!