I recently took an incredible trip to Miami, Florida and absolutely fell in love with the city, the culture, and the relaxed vibe. In this third and final part of my Miami Travel Vlog series, I end the trip by exploring the rich culture that Miami so beautifully displays through the arts, the people, and the delicious food.

On the sixth day of my trip, I decided to spend my time in Miami’s Wynwood district, which is an area of choice for many locals to hang out, eat, and have a good time. It’s certainly a different feel and 분위기 (atmosphere) than Miami’s South Beach. As you walk down the streets of Wynwood, you are immediately surrounded by so many different colors as each building has different types of art work on them. Not only are you visually stimulated with the beautiful artwork on these streets, but you are also met with energetic music blazing from a any given local coffee shop or pub. There was just so much energy! I spent a good amount of time exploring Wynwood Walls, which was a dedicated place that displayed many different paintings on building walls. In other words, it was Instagram heaven! After spending a few hours during the day in Wynwood, came back out that evening to check out Wood Tavern, a local bar in Wynwood that has an outdoor patio, in-house DJ, and loads of people dancing and just enjoying life.

On my final day in Miami, I explored the rich Cuban culture in the neighborhood of Little Havana. I went on a simple taste testing food tour that I planned out (with the help of Google). I was able to taste some Cuban appetizers, Cuban coffee, and the famous Cuban Sandwich that definitely lived up to its hype. The 2 for 1 cocktail special at Ball & Chain accompanied by live music wasn’t so bad either.

I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome of my trip to Miami. I left with a stronger appreciation for living in the moment and enjoying what life has to offer. I will certainly make another visit to Miami in the future. I hope you enjoy the video!