Hi Korean dreamers! Few weeks ago, I had the chance to get invited by UNESCO Korea for a trip on Geoje Island and it’s what I’m going to share with you guys. This trip was really amazing because it was organized with a bunch of creators like me in order to promote places that are usually unknown by foreigners in Korea. So not only I had the opportunity to travel to great places that I haven’t been yet but I was also able to make new friends from all over the world who share the same passion!

The part of the trip that I’m going to show you is from Geoje Island where we spent the night in a great hotel offering a great view especially for the sunrise during the morning. I woke up quite early in order to see the sunrise which was just in front of the hotel. Then, with the group, we took the boat to go to Oedo Island. First, the boat took us around the Haegeumgang Island which means in Korean the “Diamond” Island which is very impressive! After that the boat left us in an Island called Oedo which is a he floating botanical garden. That place reminds me a lot of Alice in wonderland! The colors, the trees, the plants, the atmosphere were really unique. They also recreated a Greek atmosphere with statues and It was probably one of the most beautiful garden that I ever seen.

Thank you UNESCO KOREA for this great opportunity!