So not to long ago my little brother (That’s right I said little) came to Korea to pay me a visit. We had a total of 10 days to goof off and do some amazing things. I will have a series of videos coming out about our trip. These are for you guys to watch but mostly because my parents will kill me if I don’t post something about our trip hahaha. Anyways these were the days we were just hanging out and enjoying the day. We spend a few days in Busan because my brother really really wanted to see a beach. The beach is so big and beautiful so I thought this would be the perfect place to bring him. We got there and enjoyed the water for a little while before my brother decided it was time to dig a tunnel (start the lion king 1/2 song!). Once he finished digging it, he had to make a hole coming from the top. He was very proud of it so I felt it needed t stay in the video. After those days were finish we headed back to Gwangju because I had a test to take. Once that was visited we visited Damyang which is a small city right outside Gwangju that is famous for it’s Bamboo forest. He had never seen a bamboo forest so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to check it out. We walked around a lot with my friend, pulled the leaves off the bamboo trees, then just sat down to relax. Of coarse my brother couldn’t relax and ended up doing hand stands trying to get a perfect picture with his new fancy camera hahaha. Anyways this is the first of many videos to come involving my brothers trip. I hope you enjoy~