We talk about what it’s like in South Korea right now. There have been a lot of dramatic news headings around the world about Trump and the North Korean tensions so in this video we talk about what it’s like to be in South Korea right now.
South Koreans are very used to North Korean tensions and the type of threats they make. South Koreans are continuing life as usual but this time there is more worry because of Trump. People don’t trust him to make the right decisions about North Korea. He has neither the experience or temperament to deal with delicate situations like this. He could make things a lot worse. We also talk about how threatening to attack North Korea just validates the North Korean propaganda. For years they have told their people that the US wants to attack and that’s why they need to put all money into the military, while their people starve. Now more than ever they can use that narrative to take food out of their people’s mouths. The average North Korean is a victim in all this. Even if these tensions fizzle out in the coming weeks, the North Korean people will be worse off.
However, we also wanted to show that South Koreans are very used to this type of tension and are very good at continuing life as usual. The media is not focusing on the issue too much and are more occupied with the coming election here. There isn’t much we can actually do at this point besides continue on as usual.