What’s going on you guys, its Garren your YouTube vlogger here in Korea!
SPRING IS HERE PEOPLE! What great weather we have here in Seoul. I am sooo happy that winter is done. Now I can dress comfortably and enjoy the nice cool breeze.
It’s life update time! Today was a beautiful Saturday. The blossoms are here, the weather is great, and I can finally wear shorts outdoors! Life is good. In the morning went to go play some basketball with my basketball club friends. Some Saturdays we gather together to play at some new location around us. It’s usually at a High School. We bond together and enjoy our time.
Since I’ve been out of the YouTube game recently, I’ve decided to put up some life updates in my vlog. I went to a baby’s first birthday party. He was so cute wearing his Hanbok. It is such a cool tradition for first birthdays. Then, I also went to a friend’s wedding which was much more entertaining than most weddings I’ve been to. They had his students come and do a little dance routine for everyone. Also, I went snowboarding again for the second time this year. I loved it so much to first time that I had to go back again. This time I went with some other basketball friends and we went to Oak Valley. The prices were pretty cheap if you have an IBK credit card. We had such a blast! Ramen and snowboarding all day. My kind of life!
So after playing some basketball, I also met some friends in Itaewon to do an Escape room! These rooms are getting pretty popular all over Seoul now. Good news, we had a great time! Bad news, we didn’t escape in time. But all in all we had fun.
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