Hello! We went to choose our dress and tux for our wedding photos! We will take our photos next week :). In Korea you use two different outfits for the photo and the actually wedding dress. Unfortunately, most dresses were “one-size-fits-all” which did not work out for me haha. I ended up finding a dress I absolutely loved and am excited to take photos next weekend. Can you guess which dress I went with??
For the photo day I was alowed to choose two dresses! We are also alowed to bring our own outfits as well. We might rent a matching hanbok for the day as well :). Wedding planning in Korea is sooooo different than back home, but it can actually be kinda fun! I will be sure to film the wedding photo shoot next weekend 🙂 I heard it is super intensive!!!

About our relationship: Me and Jaekyung met in Canada! He was doing his working holiday and I was finishing my degree. I had just come back from an exchange in Korea and did not want to lose my Korean language ability. He was trying to learn English and we ended up doing a language exchange! Now we are about to get married!!
About my channel: Hello I am a graduate student/teacher living in South Korea! I vlog about my life, delicious food, and travel. I am currently based in Seoul and originally from Canada! My main channel sidekick is my husband Jae <3. Hope you like watching our videos and seeing what life is like in Korea <3.