Hello! 안녕하세요! It was my birthday yesterday (sep. 27th). The previous day I met my friend/language exchange partner and she treated me to lunch and cake! We had lunch at Shake Shack (omgggg) and had cake at Dore Dore in Dongdaemun! She also gave me a gift of some face products and hair oils (so kinddd). Isn’t she so pretty? The next day I headed to my job, which starts at 7:30, and my student gave me a large bag of clothing D:!!! So MANY CLOTHES! I was so shocked haha. He then gave me a coupon for a department store and his secretary took me out for lunch! I was sooo overwhelmed! REALLY OVERWHELMED!! Borderline emotional behind the scenes. It was so shocking that he did all that for me! After class I headed to my second job and then headed to meet my husband for dinner! He also shocked me x.x!!! He took me to an amazing restaurant called Peninsula at Lotte Hotel! We had a large meal and wine. Even though we made a promise not to give me a gift this year (because of all the money for our wedding) he still surprised me with a super beautiful necklace! I really don’t deserve all this luxury, but I am so so so so grateful to everyone’s kindness on this day! I will be uploading more vlogs from now since all my family and friends will be visiting! I have to record all the thingsss!

Thanks for stopping by my channel!