What’s going on you guys! It’s Garren your Youtube vlogger here in Korea!
So today I got some more late letters from my students for Teachers Day. I got a chance to read them and they were amazing! Check it out! Also, I just found out that some students at my school have a drone flying class?!?!?!?! How crazy is that?!
After work I went home and got my bike fixed because it’s been getting old. It’s about 4 years old now. Man, time flies by quick! My bike feels like a new one now! The service here in Korea is stunning! They fixed it up so well. They tightened up all the screws and break system. I was almost on the edge of getting a new bike but now I’m feeling good that I didn’t. Just got a new front tire and a new back wheel. Now I’m stylin! Still waiting on my Blink S board though…WHEN WILL IT COME?!?!?!?!
Later when I got home I received a huge package! My brother sent a package from Hawaii filled with a bunch of goodies from the islands. Now I’m feeling home sick 🙁 Anyways….I thank my bro for that. It was nice of him. Later at night I went to play some basketball at my gym I go to once a week. I played pretty well and enjoyed my time there. After I got some food but the footage was not from the same day. This was from the next day when I went to play basketball with my friend Kyu! He’s going to the Air Force soon so I’m gonna miss him.