It’s time for a cup of TEY in Tey Time, another segment on my channel Sincerely Becky. Your two 교포 hosts of our mini talk show wanted to chat without guys about hobbies. (If you’re wanting to know a little more about who we are, take a look at our previous Tey Time videos on my channel!) As you know, Spring is coming (thank goodness!) and the weather is getting nicer, so we wanted to encourage you to get outside and do something. Move, learn something new, in short~ pick up a hobby! There are so many things – in reality, the possibilities are endless. Music, sports, crafts, writing, just a few to get the list going. You could be pleasantly surprised by how small hobbies and interests that you start to take more seriously could grow into even a career. We share the hobbies we have been learning lately and even serenade you with a special song that Tey has been practicing on the guitar (her newest hobby that she has been working on for the past month.) Even I, Becky, jump in with a bit of ukelele – a somewhat new hobby of mine, somewhat a random bit of being extra. Let me warn you ahead of time – this is NOT a fitting song for spring 😂 But whatever hobby you decide to try out, put your passion into it and give yourself some time to get used to it. We hope your life will be bit richer for it all.