Today I went to Professional PT academy Gym located near Chumunro station to shoot this video with my friend Kesung (who works as a fitness model and personal trainer and has 10+ years of experience in bodybuilding and competitions) just to find out what is the real indication of a decent physique? Is it 6 pack abs? Is it huge shoulders or a wide thick back? None of those are right. “Symmetry” is the answer, which means no one body part or side of the body is bigger than the other.

If this video about building legs, why am I talking to you about symmetry? I’m almost there. I brought up symmetry because too many people skip out on leg workouts which leads them to a horrible imbalance between the size of their upper and lower body. This completely throws off the symmetry of one’s physique. There is nothing more ridiculous than to see a guy in the gym with a well-developed upper body with toothpick legs.

From this video, you not only see how to do legs exercises in a right way but also find out different approaches to exercise execution, learn on which aspects you need to concentrate on regardless of your current physique.

In fact, we will try to answer many different questions like :
– what is the right foot position while you do squads?
– what is the proper distance between the legs?
– why do you need to do squats even if you want big arms?
– why many professionals perform squats till 90 degrees only and what are the benefits of it?
– do you need to use a belt or not?
– how to deal with overtraining?
– how to make brain – muscle focus?
– what is the true indication of a great physique?
– what makes your muscles grow? And many more.

Of course, we left a lot of topics for the next workout sessions and we would like to know what difficulties do you have in your workout/ diet plans, which we will certainly try to solve in our next videos. Cheers, and turn on the bell button to stay tuned.

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