Why did we come to Korea? Why do we stay?

These are questions many of us YouTubers living in Korea have do deal with. Maybe we came as students. Maybe we came as teachers. But we all have to decide what happens when the clock strikes midnight.

Do we go home and leave a little piece of us here in Korea?

Or do we decide to stay past that honeymoon phase in Korea?

Cedric, Mike, and I have all had to answer these questions at different times in our lives, and there are very different reasons that we all came up with the same answers.

We’re going to stay. But why?

By watching this video, we hope that you can reflect on your own experiences you are going through right now in your life. Are you hoping to make the leap and travel to a new country? Are you wanted to do more than just be a passing ex-pat? Do you want to be an integrated part of the local community, while simultaneously knowing that your are going to be giving up a part of who you are (or who you were)?

The questions aren’t necessarily easy, which is why we enjoyed talking about this with each other.

In the end, that decision to leave or stay has to be our own – and it has to be your own, as well.

If you are going through that decision process right now, good luck. And if you’re not, we hope that you enjoy some light, easy-going conversations between three pretty darn good friends.

~ Alex