What’s up All!

Last Thursday saw another live broadcast of The Seoulweaver Webcast (working title) and I think the soft launch is coming to an end soon.

There is one issue I really want to address before I launch and that has to do with the length of the show. I’m more than aware that it’s rather long. I don’t think any of the 10 prepisodes that have taken place to date have been less than an hour. I’m sure people look at the video, look at the time in the bottom corner and shout some version of “This boy must be CRAZY! I ain’t got an hour to sit here and listen to him talk”

Well I’m NOT crazy, MOM!!

It’s always been my intention to take the full show and chop it up into shorter, edited clips so people can get small, more entertaining versions of the show. I just struggle with editing, you know, because… I hate it.

The live version is really for any who aren’t doing anything at the time and might want to jump on and get a little back and forth in the chat. I’m sure one day that’ll bite me in the rear but, I’m also sure it’ll be funny when it happens so, gonna keep doing it.

Anywho, so here’s a short clip about the North Korean soldier who defected through the JSA last week. I talk a little about why that’s a big deal and why it reminds me of an iconic scene from a pretty iconic movie. Hope you guys enjoy!