Here is the first part of my video documenting my last 36 hours in Korea!! (While it would have been ideal to do a rounder number like 48 or 72 hours, ya girl got caught up in last-minute stuff and only remembered to do this around T-38hrs..haha)
As my time in Korea was quickly coming to a close, I was scrambling to do so many things. And I found that the number one thing that I was running against the clock to do was to meet people!! In the video you can follow me to meet up with some new friends, but my last two weeks in Korea were even more packed with appointment after appointment to meet up with people! I made so many friends while there, and then there were also friends who were returning from the States for the summer who wanted to hang out, so I had a packed schedule! That along with final exams and projects (and not to mention work!) had me constantly busy during my last days in Seoul!

With all that said, these two videos are basically acting as a milestone. Closing the Korea chapter of my life–at least for now. I expressed deep sadness to be leaving Seoul, which I was (and still do miss it), but I’m also excited for the future, and what I know is to come. My experiences in Korea were unparalleled–I met so many people and opened so many doors that I would have never discovered had I not gone. So Korea, I thank you(:

Be sure to look out for Part 2, which I will be posting shortly~!

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Enjoy the video, and come back in a bit to see Part 2!