If you suffer from terrible vision like I do (I used to wear -5.5 for contacts) then you ought to know that Korea is making waves in the medical tourism industry. Medical services aren’t just geared toward Asian patients but Western ones as well. I realize that doctors do what they call practice, and going to a facility in another country can sound downright horrifying. Never fear, because at the clinic, they are known for being friendly. caring and offering wonderful services in English to their patients.
My experience there was incredible because as soon as I walked out of Gangnam Station exit 12, I knew I was in good hands. At the Clinic, there are comfy lounge chairs, perfect lighting for post surgery patients, and even a pail of iced Viitamin C drinks (which is amazing for the health of your eyes).
There is a pharmacy right outside the clinic to meet your needs and the staff there are also awesome at English. When you arrive the staff will take your information and you’ll go through an extensive 30-40 minute eye exam. They’ll check your eye pressure, cornea thickness and give you a standard vision test. Then, you will meet with a doctor who will guide you through the process and recommend the best surgery for your eyes.
Everyone at Glory Seoul Eye Clinic is super professional and they will help you every step of the way. Even though I was super nervous and a bit anxious, I never felt at risk or afraid. They are most likely the best clinic for foreigners in Korea.