Learning Korean has become a struggle for me while I try to balance life. With my workouts, my daughter, and trying to keep the house clean. I often find myself lacking in the area of my language studies. Luckily, on Instagram I came across a lady who was studying Norsk. I have a friend who lives in Norway and I thought that was really cool to see other languages that people were studying. Then I started to look at her hashtags and clicked some. That is when I realized how many people were really into language study! I was blown away by the beautiful notes, practice videos, and challenges. It was like a whole new world had been opened up that I had been missing out on this whole time. While scrolling through I had happened to see someone post about a language challenge, so I sat and read the post. It was for the whole month of April to upload once a day something that you are studying. It could be speaking, writing, pictures, or just one word a day. It didn’t matter what level you were, just that you tried! There is also a cash prize! I was really sad that I had been missing out on this other world inside the interwebs. So you know what! I decided to join! Why not me too?! I could also use it to force myself to study/practice something. Here you will get to see my first week of the language challenge, minus the first video because I accidently deleted it out of my phone. I hope you enjoy and join in with me