Laneige, a huge brand under Amore Pacific, recently came out with a 2 in 1 cushion. In the Kbeauty industry they are always looking for new and innovative ways to showcase their products. Laneige decided they wanted to come out with a cushion that not only has a foundation but also a concealer, which makes it convenient to carry around. We all live busy lifestyle, so convenience is key. The cushion comes with a unique oval shape cushion puff which is divided between a velvet texture section for the concealer and a smooth air puff section for the foundation. Also the package is a beautiful pearl pink case which kind of reminds me of an egg, but it’s adorable to carry. The cushion comes in shades 11, 13, 21, and 23, with options between cool and warm tone. The cushion promises 12 hour long coverage, sweat-proof, brightening effects, non-oxidizing, and hydrating. There are slight difference between the concealer and foundation shades since the concealer helps with brightening and coverage. It’s recommended to apply the concealer around the eyes and temples to create a highlighted effect. Whereas the foundation is more on the velvet dewy side. Check out my review for more details and demonstration on the new Laneige cushion. I share my first impression and updated review on the cushion. Also I followed the recommended Laneige skincare on the second day of the review, so I can further understand the cushion. There are not many duo cushions out in the market, so this is a very creative innovation product in the beauty industry.