Living in Korea as an English teacher, paid vacation time is a excellent bonus. Back in August I took a vacation to Kyoto, the formal imperial capital of Japan. Known for its rich history and over two thousand temples and shrines, I knew I had to make a travel video. But not just any travel video, a cinematic video of Kyoto. Starting off, Ill admit the vlog format wasnt the original plan but it worked out. Starting in Kobe, I meet up with some locals and ate Kobe beef burgers. The next day, I viewed the city from above by riding the highest cable car in Kyoto. I really wish I had a drone because there were some sick drone shots to be had. Once night arrived, I went back to my hostel and readied myself for the travel to Kyoto in the morning. Upon arriving in Kyoto, it was filming non-stop. 6am mornings almost everyday with my camera on hand. Mid way through the trip, my friend Anderson arrived. Anderson is 6′ 4” and is above average compared to Japanese height. We had fun exploring Kyoto and the surround cities while ruining international relations. I meet someone in my hostel who recommend several places a little further from Kyoto and I decided to travel out there. The temple on the water was the worst place to film since the traveling there was about 2 hours and I had to walk about 8 miles in the HOT sun and only ended up with about 4 minutes of film. The second place is far North of Kyoto and was excellent, lots of trees and nature that had a mixture of nice older Japanese people and rude Chinese tourists. Last minute, I decided to take a night boat and watch how the old tradition of fishing with ducks. It was very cool to see. The highlight of my trips are always the people I meet and the experience of the travel. I hope to create more content soon.