Looking for a wonderful facial with outstanding service? Check out SSMango in Daegu (Hwanggeum)! My friend recommended SSMango and I am so happy I had my first facial done here. Since there were six girls in total, I booked an appointment at least two weeks before so there would be enough time for six facials AND an eyelash extensions. I messaged Crystal (Soo Jong) on KakaoTalk and she responded instantly. We were able to book an appointment and the right time frame for all six of us girls. We took a chunk of their time from 11 am to 3 pm. The microdermabrasion hydropeel facial takes about 70 minutes. The facial normally cost 80,000 KRW, but be on the look out for the SSMANGO discounts! It was amazing! Can’t wait to book my next facial here.

What is a microdermabrasion hydropeel? The hydro microdermabrasion treatment uses water jets to even out congested, dull and discolored skin. The hydro tool is used like a vacuum to removes dead skin cells that will rejuvenate and brighten your skin. Within the first cleansing half of Jayd’s face already appeared brighter and evened out. During the treatment, I was able to discuss with Crystal the type of facial she recommends for my skin type for further treatments. Crystal really took the time to educate us about skin care and what caused certain breakouts or sebum buildup. Take into consideration that this is not a sponsored video by SSMango, instead it is simply a video about my first facial experience in Korea; Crystal and her staff were amazing so I made sure the ladies deserve all the credit for working so hard to make us feel and look better about our skin.