Guess who just went to their first Korean concert? That’s right! I have finally gone to a kpop concert and I am very proud that I knew most of the songs. This is really a great way for me to really get to know and break into the kpop world.
The concert I went to was the Korean Music Festival (Fandom school). Their line up was great. I was able to see big artist like EXO, Twice, B1A4, and my favorite group, Red Velvet! It was truly a wonderful experience. I had no idea how loud the fans would get every time their favorite singer would sing. They even had little chants that they would do depending on the song that was being sung. I think the fans that shocked me the most was the EXO fans. They girls who I went with were telling me all about the stories they heard of EXO Fans and let me tell you, they were not lying. These girls all have the lights and man do they have some lungs on them! I swear that most of these girls didn’t have voices when the concert was over.
Anyways, before any of that began, me and the 4 other girls who got the tickets to the concert were able to go check out the booths that gave us free gifts (video coming soon). They had some really amazing products. If you want to know the girl who I went with and the brands, please take a look at the bio of the youtube video.

The video is a bit long but I hope you all enjoy 🙂