So there is one question that a lot of Foreign Kpop fans ask when they come to Korea – how do you actually get into a music show? It’s indeed a question that I have tried to seek out over the years and the general resounding answer was either “you don’t” or “with great difficulty”.

It seems that some people in the past would just generally try their luck by purchasing an album of choice of a promoting artist of the time (say for example BTS or Twice) and look for the fanclub with matching CDs, all the while queuing for hours with no major guarantee that they will get in because it is a numbers game.

I will admit that if you want to do it like how the Korean fans do it, you will need to understand SOME Korean to know how to navigate, what information to put in and what buttons to click but after a while the process does get repetitive and it does get easier! In this video I explain the pure basics of signing up for a music show in a Daum Fancafe (the site most Kpop group uses) right from what information to input, how and when.

Bare in mind that this was for Snuper, a relatively unknown group that are quite easy to get into for shows. The bigger, longer groups may ask for more information or criteria (like being part of the official fanclub, like ONCE or BANA) and SM Artists don’t have this process at all! However I hope this helps and if you have any questions on it, don’t be afraid to drop me a message!