Hi Guys, It’s been a great Chusok holiday for us in KK, Malaysia and I finally came up with video this time in 4K (it took like half day to figure out why my computer couldn’t render project, haha). So here is my 5 resons why you should go to KK or 5 MUST DO things in KK.

1) Enjoy the sunset at Tanjung Aru Beach. This place is closest to the hearts of the locals, and just one visit to the beach will tell you why. This is where one might get a “ringside seat” to the greatest sunset on earth, when the crimson sun dips slowly into the horizon, leaving the vast skies a brilliant red.. It was simply inspiring. God’s handiwork was on full display with such vibrant colors painting the sky. This is probably the most popular place for photography In KK, we even saw the group of people taking wedding pictures.

2) My #2 must do is Visiting Manukan island. Go to Jesselton point and buy tickets for just Manukan. Round trip will cost you like 10$ with tourist fee. Manukan Island is less crowded and more developed compared to other islands and it will take you just 20 min by ferry. Snorkelling and swimming were much better, water cleaner. I recommend to go early in the morning when it’s the best weather. Because after noon it usually tends to rain and generally the weather getting worse very fast. That is the reason you don’t want to waste your time on other islands. Honestly all the other islands are tourist traps – too busy, too many boats, not very relaxing!

3) Take a city tour with a taxi driver. Our taxi driver proposed the 2 hours tour for 60 lingid (20$). He brought us to 5 most beautiful places in KK and since our goal was to take great pictures we were happy as a lark.
1.Our first picture spot was with a view on new government office. 2. Then we stoped by main campus entrance and took pictures with Chancellor Hall and The CLOCK TOWER which is an iconic landmark of UMS.
3. Our 3d place to visit was UMS Mosque (University-Malaysia-Sabah) where we took breathtaking pictures on Mosque background.
4.After that our guide brought us to the top of UMS hill to check out the Chancellery building, also known as the Twin Tower among the community. Well, here some pics from the spot. 5. And our last destination was UMS Jetty and the picturesque local beach. Stretch from the shore into the water of Sepanggar Bay, the jetty is one of the facilities provided for students and researchers who are involved in marine life research. For the local beach, as you see, it looks like a miracle – peaceful, empty and gorgeous. And eventually, Our tour ended up with 3 hours and 30$ but it worth every penny.

4) #4 Must do is visiting Kota Kinabalu City Mosque. Take a taxi from KK to the Mosque for 10 Lingid (3$). Easy to access and walk around. View the Mosque at the back along the highway, it has one of the most beautiful scenes for photography, especially in the early morning and sunset when you can see those beautiful reflections in the water. This is a magnificent religious building and well worth a trip to view the building from the outside.

5) # Must do is visiting the KK Night Food Market. Located by the waterfront area in front of Meridien Night market offers seafood with affordable of price range. There’s fresh seafood displayed in a row, vegetables, fruits, salted fish, snacks and an area where they will cook fish to order and in a style that you want. Every day we were there to buy mangostins, avocados and mangos.