This video is part of my plan to promote veganism in Korea, and is the first video out of two, collaborating with VEGBOX (a company who sells vegan cheese and products in Korea). I’ve been wondering for quite a long time whether Koreans would like Vegan Cheese, or whether they could even tell the difference – and so, on one sunny Sunday, we gathered our stuff and went to check what will be the Koreans reaction to Vegan Cheese. We filmed in Ewha area, holding violife vegan cheese (two flavors: hot pepper and mature cheddar) and veganism promoting feelings in our hearts. The plan was clear, me and the VEGBOX team will stop people on the street, and tell them “we are promoting new cheese in Korea, and we would like to hear your opinions about it”. We couldn’t even guess how positive the responds would be! First, they couldn’t even guess that the cheese doesn’t contain any dairy at all! Second, THEY ALL LOVED IT, and got very excited from the fact that this cheese is actually healthier and with less calories than dairy one. Third – some of them were SO interested in purchasing the cheese. I say, mission accomplished! We successfully managed to promote veganism and vegan cheese in Korea. I’m surely going to be sleeping better at night knowing more people, now, are aware of this amazing dairy product replacement. This video shows how vegan food is just as good, if not better than non-vegan food.