What’s the Difference Between Korean & Western Humor? Do you know that? For foreigners it is difficult to understand Korean Humor and Comedy, especially if you can’t speak and understand the Korean language. Also for me it is difficult to understand what makes Korean laugh but I already found out, that my Austrian type of humor, which is sexual and very dark, doesn’t work so well in Korea. So I invited Paul Seoul to my Youtube Channel this week to talk about Comedy and Humor in Korea. Paul has his own Comedy Show, where he entertains Korean people! In Korean! The Show is called “폴서울 스탠드업 코미디 쇼! PaulSeoul & GSM Comedy Night” and it is held once a month. If you are in Seoul and you are interested in his show, check out his event page on Facebook.

In my opinion humor is a deeply cultural thing. Western culture is more used to verbal humor, like bad puns, Korean humor is mostly physical humor. One huge difference between Korea and Western countries is, that people avoid talking about controversial topics such as political issues, sex. Also making fun of the president is a No-Go in South Korea. Totally opposite to Austria and also USA. If you want to here more about this topic, you should definitely watch our video!

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