Another week, another video of and this time it is about a Korean Wedding of an International Couple. Sujin already covered some cute stories of her relationship with an Austrian guy (like her cute marriage proposal or her tips for a long distance relationship) so this time it is about her wedding in 2016. In this video Sujin talks about her feelings about the wedding, her experience arranging a wedding in Korea and how she thinks of it today. It is a glimpse into Korean Wedding Traditions, although they got married in a western style wedding. Sujin and her husband wanted to have a traditional Korean wedding but her mother insisted to have a normal wedding in Busan.

So if you are interested in Korean weddings or how to get married in Korea, go to the video and drop your question in the comment section. Sujin will do her best to answer all your questions and explain as much as possible.

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Thank you sooooo much for watching our Korean Wedding video and like I said, if you have questions about getting married in Korea, please let us know!