Hello! It’s Kait from the YouTube channel Kaitgate. I’m an Australian currently living in Seoul. If any of you have Netflix and a love for K-dramas then you can probably share my feelings about the K-drama series Mr. Sunshine coming to an end. *cries*

If you don’t know what the series is about, its set during the early 1900’s when the Japanese started to invade Korea, disbanding the Korean army. However the people of Korea rose up to become an independent force called the Righteous army. While most of the characters and the story line we get to follow is fictional, the historical events and the Righteous Army are not.

After watching this drama it made me realise how little I knew about Korean history so I decided to visit the Korean History & War Museum in Seoul to find out more! Not only is the Museum free to enter, it is also huge and filled with rich history of the wars Korea has fought in. I was also surprised at how much of my own countries war history joined Korea’s.

If you visiting Seoul or live here, you should definitely check out the War memorial! The experience is eye opening if you don’t know much about Korean History and the memorial itself is amazing to see and experience.

If you want to watch more on living in Korea as a foreigner & are interested in seeing places in Seoul, please check out my YouTube channel Kaitgate!