Christmas is the most awaited holiday of the year, regadless if you are religious or not. It has become such a magical time, that everyone, big and small are ready to enjoy it in one way or another!

I come from Lithuania, country, where the culture of Christmas is quite strong and has remained traditional up to today. We always decorate our Christmas tree, eat Christmas eve dinner and get some Christmas presents from the equivalent the Santa Claus – Grandpa frost. Also, we call him Grandpa Christmas quite othen. In Lithuania, Christmas is an exquisively family holiday and we uaually spend it at home. Of course, modern day live have changed those traditions a lot and many things are not the same as they were back then when I was a child, but we still adore this time of the year and many people start preparing for Christmas really early.

And Gyu is Korean, which makes his Christmas experience completely different. He says that in Korea, Christmas culture was never developed and nurtured as it was back in my country. Rather than being a time, for families to gather and spend some time together, it is more commercialized and puts most of its focus on the dating culture. Even Christmas trees at home is not a thing!

As an international couple, we want to join our experiences together, and have special Christmas this year! Happy Holidays!

What is Christmas like in your country? Do you celebrate it? If you do, how? Leave us a comment below! 🙂

And also, you might notice that our background have changed quite a bit. It is because this time, instead of shooting at home, we decided to visit a new cafe, which was opened this month in our neighbourhood. It is called Cafe Half, because of it’s dual design. I genuinely liked it and would reccomend it to anyone!

Cheers, Gyu and Agata