I am finally back from my week long break of studying for midterms. Let me tell you guys, It was really hard not to want to edit and upload. I really didn’t want to study and I missed you guys. Anyways, when uploaded my midterm break video, I asked you guys to ask me questions. I wanted the first video I made coming back to be answering your questions so here it is.
This Let’s talk is centered around the theme of university life in Korea. As you all know, I am a university student here in Korea. So I have some experience about life as a student. I answered all the questions to the best of my ability but I wanted to let you know that this does not mean everyone in Korea is like this! This is just what I have experienced. Different places in Korea can be different too. So, this is my experience as a student at a university in Gwangju.
I started off this answering questions I got straight from youtube asking about how the university classroom style is. In brief, I’m going to have to say it depends on the major. Coming from a business major and an English Literature minor, my class styles are very different. The question also involved asking about areas around Gwangju and different stores I enjoy going to. Next was questions about how i transferred to a Korean university and my life as a language student in the past. I touched base on that but I plan to give more information soon in upcoming videos. Last I answered questions about being a foreign student in Korea and what you should know ahead of time before coming to Korea.
I hope these helped answered some of your questions and I hope you all still keep the questions coming. I love hearing from you guys and I hope I am helpful in some way.
Thanks for watching~~