University life isn’t perfect and that includes life here in Korea. Every school has their problems that students will run into while attending. As for me, I wanted to talk to you all about the 3 big problems that I had last semester. Even though I am saying negative things about my last semester, this doesn’t mean I hate my school. I still love it very much! I just wanted to tell you guys about everything I have dealt with, good and bad.
So out of the 3 things, I touch base on my problems in the dorms, with scholarships, and with a teacher. Now, these problems are not what every student will run into, so I can’t tell you how to avoid them. For the ones that can be avoided, I do give some advice.
My problem this the dorm is more focused on the problem of living in a 6 person room. I feel that my experience in the 2 person room was completely different than when I lived in the 6 person room. The problems were not only my roommates, but how poorly they cleaned the rooms. The problem I had with the scholarship was the fact that I never even received it until half way through the semester. The last problem was something that I never thought I would experience while in university and I was very shocked about it. Out of all my teachers, I thought my foreign teacher would be the one teacher that would understand and would have a open minded class but it turned out that she was the only one I had a problem with.
These were all the things I had to deal with but that doesn’t mean I would tell you to avoid this university. This is my university and I still love it and would recommend it to everyone. So please keep an open mind when watching this. I don’t want to be so negative >.< Thanks for watching~