I decided to finally start uploading again after being dead sick and getting ready for my trip home. So let’s go back to a few month ago when I was getting ready for midterms. I asked you guys what type of videos you guys were interested in, and the first comment was vlogs. Thankfully, I have recored a lot of vlogs since asking that questions so I have a lot of study to show you guys.

We start off my day like always, crazy bed head and no makeup. I was super excited to tell and thank you guys about the 700 subscribers even though we are almost 900 now. I am serious, thank you guys so much. Without our subbie family, we wouldn’t get to show the world my awkward videos. Then it was off to getting ready.

I am no makeup goddess so I just showed a bit of what it’s like to put makeup on with me with a crazy hyper cat in the background. Then it was off to school for my first classes. I am actually really glad that the video came out as smoothly as it did.

A little bit of school stuff then off to the gym alone… because no one else showed up for the class at that time. I hate working out alone but made it work. Trust me it looked easy but that was really hard!!! Of coarse, after the gym I can’t eat healthy. Burger King was the next thing on my list. Then a bit of playtime at home and that is how my day goes.

Thanks everyone for watching and following. I hope you like the videos and if internet holds up, I’ll be posting as I finish editing. Thank you~~