In this video Ida talks about what it was like being on Korean TV. She appeared in two episodes of the popular TV show Abnormal Summit, or Non Summit, where she discussed culture and different events going on around the world.

Going in to this she was very nervous since she didn’t consider her Korean to be remotely as good as the other foreigners on the show, but after a short interview with the writers she got a call saying she would indeed appear on the show. Since this is a talk show based on the members all sharing stories and facts about their own countries Ida had to study really hard the following week. Since she was not at all familiar with the up coming topic of parental leave and office culture she had to first collect the information in Swedish, write down what she wanted to say and then translate it all into Korean and learn it all over again. This was very stressful since she had shoots all day almost every day leading up to the filming and not much free time in the evenings to study.

When it was finally time to shoot she was even more nervous than before but luckily all of the members were really nice and made her feel welcomed. This did not stop her from turning completely red once the filming started though. She somehow managed to make it through the shoot alive and decided she’d never do this again. A week later however she received a call from her manager, telling her they had requested her for a new episode… So what did she do? She decided to fight her insecurities and agreed to come back for yet another filming.