Check out this awesome cafe in Hongdae – a Themed cafe dedicated to the Japanese anime, One Piece. One Piece is the most popular anime in Japan, and basically the most popular in most East Asia. It’s been running since 1997, and is still running even today.

The cafe, which is located in the popular district – Hongdae, is called Cafe De One Piece, and is designed with elements from the anime series. Its exterior is designed just like the main crew’s huge ship, and even the cups and desserts share resemblance to the characters and the anime (Green apple drink for a character with a green hair, or Cola flavored drink for a character who’s fuel is cola).

In the cafe you can take photos with your favorite characters paper cutouts, and feel like you’re part of the anime – while walking on the awesome deck. You could also find a small gift shop, that sells merchandise of the series.

The cafe is opened every day, from 10 to 10. It, sadly, doesn’t have any vegan options in its menu (except for some drinks), and the prices vary from 4,000 up to 17,000. If you’re a fan of the anime One Piece, or if you like cute themed cafes – this is your place and you better check it out next time you’re around Hongdae.

I had fun there, although I’m not a huge fan of the series. I don’t really recommend the fizzy soda drinks, they’re a bit too sweet. But, maybe i’m just the weird one 😉