Another week, another wednesday and of course another episode of Mika in Korea. And this week I met up with the charming Lara and we went out together to enjoy some Korean food: this time Korean Spicy Stir-Fried Chicken! And it was not just a regular Dakgalbi, it was some kind of special version of the famous Korean chicken dish, which is cooked / grilled / fried on charcoal and it is called Sutbul Dakgalbi (숯불 닭갈비). So although it wasn’t the first time for us eating Dakgalbi it was the first time for me and Lara eating this Sutbul Dakgalbi (숯불 닭갈비). Of course we couldn’t resist to also drink one bottle of Makgeolli (막걸리), which goes soooo well with Korean chicken. But no worries, it didn’t become another crazy drinking mukbang this time, just one bottle of Makgeolli, that’s it. No day drinking / 낮술 this time 😀 Haha!

Meanwhile eating the delicious Korean Spicy Stir-Fried Chicken we talked about a few random topic, comparing our Korean families and parents in law. And of course our Korean in-laws are not like you would imagine from a Korean Drama / K-Drama Series. Also we shared our experiences about living in Korea, so if you are interested in living in Korea and knowing someting how Korean parents react to us foreigners, it is an interesting episode to watch!

Thank you Lara for visiting my channel, it was indeed a blast and I really had a lot of fun filming with her. Check out her Youtube Channel LaraLand 라라랜드 or check one of her many videos on the famous 코리안브로스 Korean Bros channel.

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