This is that last video in the Korea versus Australia series where we compare different aspects of Korea to Australia. Korea is famous for it’s skin clinics or ‘pibogwa’ as they’re called, so I had to make this last episode on skin care! This YouTube video was so much fun to make, I’ve never been to a Korean skin clinic before but after making this video I’ve been back four or five times since. A big thank you to Dr Gu for the amazing work he did on Blair and my own skin. You can tell he’s passionate about skin care and genuinely wants your skin to improve. His clinic, The Miin Clinic is one of the most popular in Gangnam and I can definitely see why. I saw such great results after being treated by him and have never received so many compliments on my skin in my life. As Australia does not have ‘pibogwa’ exactly, we went to Stephanie’s Ocean Spa to try out some treatments there. Oh my goodness, let me tell you, this is easily the most beautiful spa I’ve ever seen. Whoever did the decor inside deserves an awards because it so cosy, warm and luxurious. If you’re in Brisbane you need to find time to go to the Noosa location, the staff were so kind and it sounds silly but they had amazing voices. I left feeling so relaxed and refresh that I also ended up buying my brother and his wife a voucher to the Spa as a wedding gift.