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To begin with, my channel has some on-going series and one of them is “Why Koreans”. This reveals the reasons behind some of the general and very ‘Korean actions’ that we do. Most of the videos are covered by my subscribers’ requests.
Antes de todo, mi canal tiene una serie que se llama ‘Por qué los coreanos?’ en cual hablo de las acciones y las cosas muy coreanas que hacemos. Muchos de estos videos se han pedido por los suscriptores.

In this video, even though it’s not fully coherent to the title of the theme, I talk about the education system in Korea.
Starting from elementary school to middle school and high school as well.
En este video, aunque no se queda exactamente en ese tema, les cuento del sistema educativo de Corea : desde la primaria hasta la secundaria.

-How many grades are there in each school? What are they called?
-What kind of subjects do they learn?
-What time do they go to school and get off from class?
And more.

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