It’s this time of the year again: Seollal (설날), the Korean New Year’s Day, which is literally the most important National holiday next to Chuseok (추석). And as usually Koreans have a special dish and tradition, what to eat at Seollal. They eat Tteokguk (떡국), a very delicious Korean Rice Cake Soup! And only after eating Tteokguk you turn one year older.

So since it is Seollal in South Korea, I met up with my favorite Spanish Youtuber, Lara from LaraLand (라라랜드) and together we cooked this Korean Traditional dish at Laras house. We looked up a recipe, how to make Tteokguk, bought all the ingredients for our Korean Rice Cake Soup and cooked it for our Korean spouses. For Lara it was even the first time ever, she cooked a Korean dish by herself, so you can imagine we had a lot of fun filming this video. At the end we succeeded with making our own Rice Cake Soup and my wife Sujin and Laras husband Kenny really liked it. If you want to see their verdict and reaction to our Tteokguk, you have to watch this video for sure.

It was super fun cooking Korean Rice Cake Soup / Tteokguk by ourselves and I think we will make more of these cooking videos in the future. Tell us, how you liked it and what Korean dishes we should try to cook by ourself!

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Thx for watching! Have a Happy New Year, everybody! 새해 복 많이 받으세요!